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Jay Hunt has over 30 years video experience
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The new Smartphone video online courses have been created in easy to follow video module formats and are hosted by Jay Hunt who has over 30 years experience working in TV and video. Both masterclass courses are packed with user friendly content you can follow at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

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Claudia Winkleman - Presenter

Jay Hunt is just brilliant at delivering the best ever smartphone video course.
  Fast clever and fantastic to work with plus everything you could ever need to know in just one day.

Patrick Burch Lovell – Endeavour

Jay Hunt is everything you need in a video trainer, creative, efficient, intelligent
passionate. Throw in her incredibly personal manner and insider tips and you have one of the
most trusted video people I have ever worked with.

Kate Bearn – Freelance Marketing executive

Communication is Jay’s key strength and she is passionate about video.
During the whole course day we felt wholly supported and the day flew by.
A five star service, worth every penny and highly recommended in every respect.

Clare Pizey - Executive Producer, BBC Top Gear

There is nothing Jay doesn’t know about the whole production process today.
Making her huge expertise available through this course is excellent news.
Clients get insights into far more than just smartphone filming and editing,
they will have a laugh whilst they’re learning because as a course leader
she is brilliant fun.

Laura Doughty – Fundraising Director Carers UK

We loved working with Jay.
The smartphone video for smart people course helped us turn our ideas into
something that was engaging and impactful.
We would definitely recommend doing this course,
Jay really got us.

David Davenport Firth – Ogilvy Healthworld

Video is a really powerful tool, but only when you know how to do it well.
With her technical expertise, and more importantly in my opinion, experience in
television, Jay brings a storytelling perspective to smartphone video.
Smartphone video for smart people is great value for money too.

Gail Steele - Auerbach & Steel

Jay Hunt is a true professional.
You can be assured that this course delivers very honest and sensible advice
on how to best shoot video to showcase your business.
I would be very happy to recommend Jay and her course to anyone
wanting to really know how to shoot for themselves.

Kate Shapland – Legology

Jay is the most intuitive and thorough producer I know
and her courses are full of need to know video expertise.

This is a slick day I totally recommend and seriously good value for money.
Don’t mess around with other courses, this has everything you need to know
wrapped up in one day plus it’s a huge amount of fun.

The Smartphone video for smart people online course is a full masterclass for anyone who wants to create a variety of professional video content for their brand

  • Video inspiration guides
  • Video kit bag essentials
  • Smartphone camera settings explained
  • Lenses and uses explained
  • Lighting workshop the easy way
  • Framing up to shoot like a tv expert
  • Mics for great sound on all shoots
  • Livestreaming and video call tutorial
  • Autocue insider info
  • Presenting tips for on camera success
  • Scripting skills to create key content
  • Apps worth spending on for video success
  • Using licensed music tracks
  • Subtitles and how to get them done fast
  • How to direct with confidence like a pro
  • Framing up the perfect shot every time
  • How to shoot interviews on location
  • Shooting B roll of people products and places
  • Full edit tutorial and export tips
  • 30 minute key consultation chat with Jay
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The Smartphone video for smart vloggers online course is the ultimate insider guide on how to present and produce professional vlog style videos

  • Video Vlogging content explained
  • Vloggers kit bag the low down
  • Smartphone camera settings explained
  • Key lenses to improve your videos
  • Lighting yourself on camera on the go
  • How to showcase yourself on camera
  • Mics that work for your video recordings
  • Livestreaming and video call tutorial
  • Autocue insider info
  • Presenting tips for on camera success
  • Scripting for fast turnaround recording
  • Apps that you need to know about
  • Using licensed music tracks
  • Subtitling your chat
  • Edit tutorial and exporting on the go
  • Framing up the perfect shot every time
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Why work with us

Violet Productions courses are delivered by Jay Hunt who has over 30 years experience in television and video.
Jay has worked as a tv presenter, a stylist and producer and director on a large number of broadcast shows for the BBC, ITV and C4.

Jay has cleverly designed our smartphone video for smart people course and our executive video coaching and shooting service to deliver her insider information in two fast, easy to understand, interactive services which are always a lot of fun and packed with user friendly tips and expert knowledge.